Thursday, March 6, 2014

Will Spring ever come to Michigan?

It feels like Winter will never end this year in Michigan.  It started early and has been relentless ever since.  On the bright side, Spring will be here soon!  Its hard to believe, but the official start to Spring is in 2 weeks on the 20th.  Believe me, it will still take a while for it to feel like Spring, but I need something to look forward to!  Spring is known as the universal time of rebirth.  Its our chance to clean out the old and rebirth new goals and new selves.

On this Spring Equinox, consider some of these ideas that you could do as part of your natural rebirthing process:

~Spring cleaning is always a good way to get rid of the old and make room for the new!  Try to pace yourself and do one room or closet a day, that way you don't get overwhelmed.  Less clutter will create a more relaxed and airy home environment.

~Take up yoga, meditation, walking or other awakening activities the will wake up your body from the winter slumber.

~Lighten up on your foods.  Winter is a time for heavy foods, such as root vegetables.  In the Spring, eat lighter.  More greens, vegetables and fruits.  Lightening up on your foods will help your body to adjust to the natural rhythms of the changing seasons and you adapt quicker. 

~Have your 2014 New Year's Resolutions gone by the wayside?  Now is a good time to rebirth some short-term Spring goals. 

Setting any of the above ideas as Spring goals would be an amazing start to kicking off Spring, but consider what else you would like to accomplish during the Spring?  Make a list of goals in the areas of family, relationships, finances, work, health and you-time.  Then place those goals in a prominent area for you to see throughout the day as a reminder that you are rebirthing a new you!

Think Spring!!