Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fireworks - love them or hate them!?

Fireworks...  I do enjoy a good fireworks display on certain holidays and I can handle the 3 days in which you are allowed to do them in.  What I can't take is the many weeks before and after the holiday in which people are setting off fireworks at all times of the day and night.  I have 2 dogs, one is old and can't hear very well and he's ok with it.  The other one is high strung as it is and goes absolutely bonkers when she hears any kind of firework going off.  In my neck of the woods its been happening for weeks now.  Do these people not have kids or animals?  If they do, then they really don't care about how this affects them.  I'm literally at my wits end!  Every time a firework is let off, Trinket starts barking hysterically and running around trying to attack the other dog and cat.  I think the 3 day window is plenty of time for people of the world to get out all the fireworks they can handle, but no, its not.  I find it completely disrespectful to the surrounding homes and families that it makes me what to boycott fireworks all together.  I really used to enjoy watching and setting off fireworks and now I'm so COMPLETELY over it!  The other morning I heard the first one go off at 8:00am.  Was that necessary?  If people can't abide by the rules then they shouldn't be able to do them at all.  As I'm sitting here writing this blog on July 10th at 1:57pm, I can hear someone in the neighborhood letting off fireworks.  REALLY??  I would love for someone to explain to me the point of letting off fireworks in the middle of the day.  Do they look better?  Am I missing something??  I don't want this to be a complete bitch fest, but I'm done trying to be tolerant.  Hopefully they will be over with soon or you might see me on the news in a story about how a women went crazy because of fireworks:)